05 May 2017 Major Appliance Trends: Part 3 of 3

2017 Major Appliance Trends

This is the final installment of a three part series that features the latest trends in Major Appliances. Appliance Canada strives for innovation and style with our appliances that blend with the latest designer trends.


As the technology to automatically fold clothes begins to improve (Rejoice!), so do many other innovations that will save you time and money.

Full Steam Ahead
Steam Laundry is a trend that is heating up the industry. How many times have you watched your child put their favourite toy in their mouth, mentally cringing about where that toy has been.  You know you washed it, but how clean is it… really?  Fear no more when you consider a  few of the benefits provided by steam.

Steam Washers provide the following benefits.

  • High temperatures kill bacteria and reduce allergens.
  • Stains lift off with ease – extending the longevity of your clothing and household items


Steam Dryers also have additional benefits:

  • Steam minimizes wrinkles in your clothing, making the ironing board and steam iron a relic of the past.
  • Refresh your clothing if you are unable to take the load out on time – or give some extra “fluff” to those towels before you take them out of the load.


Fully Efficient
The rising cost of hydro has been a major concern for the majority of Ontario.  Rest assured that the major objective of most appliances today is to provide the utmost efficiency for the home. Energy efficient laundry appliances are becoming the standard. Many of the energy saving features include adjustable water temperature controls, load capacity settings, sensors to prevent the extension of cycles and high speed motors that reduce the time required for the load and to dry your items accordingly.  Appliance Canada features many energy efficient laundry models for your home that will keep your hydro costs to a minimum.

Laundry Dryer



Stay Connected
Stay connected with your laundry in more ways than one. Coming this fall, see the reveal of GE WIFI built-in connect appliances. These appliances easily allow you to monitor your laundry load from your phone. The GE website unveils that you will be able to “Check washer progress with an app that lets you monitor cycles and settings, download custom specialty cycles and receive alerts when clothes haven’t been removed.”

“With the GE laundry app, you will be able to:

  • Monitor cycle status and time remaining
  • Extend the dryer cycle
  • Receive an alert when your cycle has finished, but the door has not been opened
  • Download custom specialty cycles
  • Monitor levels of SmartDispense tanks”


And of course… we musn’t forget Alexa. GE’s assistant Geneva will be compatible with Amazon-Alexa technology allowing you to ask her how much time is left on that last load from wherever you are in your home.