14 Jul The Condo Market and Major Appliances

Recently, there exists an influx in the condominium market within the Toronto area.  High housing prices are making condominiums a more attractive option for younger families.   Condominiums provide several features that are appealing to both young and old such as on site gyms, pools, games rooms and libraries.  The caveat for this lifestyle is a need to maximize space while maintaining a highly functional design.

Appliance Canada provides several solutions with brands such as Bosch and Whirlpool.  We offer several 24″ inch appliances that prove that bigger is not better.  Take for example our Whirlpool 24″ laundry pair that is pictured above (Models WFW5090GW & YWHD5090GW).  The washer is compact but does not economize on features.  The Save Time option cleans lightly soiled clothing without using the full cycle while the Tumblefresh™ option activates after the wash cycle is complete and tumble cleans your clothes periodically for up to 6 hours to prevent wrinkles from setting in.  It also features a Colors option that uses cold water to protect colours and keep them  vibrant.

The 24″ dryer pairing is beyond innovative with it’s ventless design.  Many builders may find this feature invaluable as it makes it flexible enough to install virtually anywhere.  It features a heat pump that recycles air and captures moisture, making it 50% more energy efficient than air vented dryers.    The Wrinkle Shield™ option prevents wrinkles by providing intermittent tumbling up to 12 hours after the cycle ends.  Finally the Refresh cycle allows dry, clean clothes to be ready to wear without the need to rewash them.

The additional option to stack the set allows for supplementary space.  Laundry is only the tip of the iceberg, several other options exist in the kitchen as well.  So, if you’re thinking about making the move to condo living, rest assured that when it comes to Major Appliances, you will benefit from these latest innovations that Appliance Canada has to offer.