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Samsung 30" Chef Collection Microwave Combination Oven 

Introducing the Samsung Chef Collection
Samsung Chef Collection's premium line of home appliances is an elegantly thoughtful combination of cutting-edge technology and truly useful, chef-influenced features that are coupled with a sleek, seamless design for ultimate flexibility that caters to how people cook and live today. Chef Collection understands that everyone is a "chef" in their own kitchen - regardless of what they do or how they do it. The Chef Collection Microwave Combination Wall Oven is designed for how YOU live and cook, featuring a Speed Cook oven and a traditional oven including Steam Cook, delivering moisture at precise times for crisp, browned outside, and tender inside.

Multitasking made simple
The innovative and unique design of Flex Duo? lets you easily switch from a large single chamber to two smaller chambers with independently controlled temperatures

Crispy outside, juicy inside
The Power Convection system uses 3 different heat sources to cook crispy, juicy food. Powerful hot air is blown through multiple air-holes directly onto food and microwave thoroughly cooks from the inside out and the integrated grill browns the surface of your food.

Professional quality cooking made easy
Enjoy brick oven results from home. The Chef Bake reaches high temperatures (570 (degree)F) to seal flavor and create perfect texture.

Recipe guide helps you cook like a pro
Take the guesswork out of your favorite meals and save time. Simply select the Gourmet Cook setting and choose from various pre-programmed recipes. It shows you how to adjust the cooking time and temperature to ensure consistently great results. Anyone can cook like a chef with the push of a button!

Cook food faster and more evenly*
Save time and cook food more evenly with the Dual Convection system, which is great for baking and broiling. Two heated fans distribute heat all around the oven and keep the temperature constant everywhere. Dishes are cooked quickly and thoroughly and you can enjoy tastier meals every time.

Monitor from a distance
Wi-Fi connectivity maximizes safety and offers peace of mind by letting you remotely monitor and control the oven at any time using a smartphone App.*

Easy, precise intuitive control
Stay in complete control of your cooking. Digital-touch controls provide a convenient, modern touchscreen merged with traditional knobs. The large, analog-style design of the metallic knobs also makes them easy to grip and distinctive blue LED lights illuminated when the oven is in use.

Large Capacity
Enjoy all the space you need to cook sumptuous food for your friends and family. A large 5.1 cu. ft oven and a 1.9 cu. ft. microwave give you more flexibility and choice. They can accommodate large and multiple dishes and almost any sized cookware. So you can cook everything quickly and efficiently.

Easily clean your oven
Save time and hassle with the Hybrid Clean system. It cleans the oven with no scrubbing and less odors. It heats the cavity to pyrolyze food remnants. Steam is then circulated for two hours, which dissolves grease and causes any residue to swell up. So the inside can be wiped clean easily.

See everything inside
Monitor the progress of your cooking without having to open the oven door. The LED Spotlights brightly illuminate inside the oven cavity. You won't waste time and heat frequently opening the oven.

Check with a glance
Check how your food is cooking with a quick glance through the Easy View Window. Unlike normal microwaves, a metal mesh in the glass lets you clearly see inside the oven. So you can keep a close eye on how your food is browning, defrosting or baking without wasting time and energy opening the door.

Strong support
Features a unique ball bearing design that allows the rack to glide in and out with ease.

  • Introducing the Samsung Chef Collection
  • Multitasking made simple
  • Crispy outside, juicy inside
  • Professional quality cooking made easy
  • Recipe guide helps you cook like a pro
  • Cook food faster and more evenly*
  • Monitor from a distance
  • Easy, precise intuitive control
  • Large Capacity
  • Easily clean your oven
  • See everything inside
  • Check with a glance
  • Strong support
  • Capacity

    • Oven Capacity Upper 1.9 cu.ft / Lower 5.1 cu.ft

  • Features

    • Heater Element Broil 1650 W

  • Type of Controls

    7" LCD + Knobs

  • Child Safety Lock


  • Light (Lamp) On/Off


  • Convection

    3250 W

  • Interior Lamp


  • Type (Ceramic)


  • Materials/Finishes

    • Cavity Material Ceramic

  • Oven Type


  • Display Type


  • Control Method

    7" LCD + Knobs

  • Oven Door Glass


  • Door Type

    Drop Down

  • Power/Ratings

    • MWO Watts 950 W

  • Type

    • Installation Type Built-in

  • Weights/Dimensions

    • Net (WxHxD) 756 x 1102 x 671 mm

  • Gross (WxHxD)

    850 x 1224 x 757 mm

  • Loading Quantity (20/40ft)

    19 / 42

  • Weight (Net)

    126 kg

  • Weight (Shipping)

    146 kg

Samsung NQ70M9770DS

SKU: Samsung:NQ70M9770DS
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