27 Sep Smart Appliances: How are they Different?

Smart Appliances: How are they Different?


In a world where technology is beginning to impact every aspect of our lives, it can be hard to keep up with the latest electronic trends when there are so many options to choose from. But if you’re interested in learning more about modern consumer appliances, we’re here to help. Throughout this article continue reading to learn about the key differences between regular and smart appliances, and get a quick overview of some of the countless technological options out there. By taking the time to understand the current state of the appliance market, you can feel  more informed when it comes to choosing the right appliances for your lifestyle.


Regular Appliances vs Smart Appliances


Most of us have grown up primarily around ‘regular’ appliances. Some might feature little digital screens and buttons, but that’s not what makes a device smart. We can classify an appliance as ‘smart’ if it can somehow connect to the internet and/or to other devices.


This network of connected devices is referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). When we talk about IoT or smart technology, we’re talking about anything and everything that can connect to people and things. Cellphones, refrigerators, industrial metal detectors – they’re all part of this IoT network of connected smart objects. While not everything has a smart variant yet, anybody who’s taken a look at a recent home appliance catalog can tell you which way the wind is blowing. Connected devices are here and soon they’ll be ubiquitous.



While regular appliances get the job done, smart appliances are step up in terms of increasing convenience and efficiency. Because devices can communicate with each other, an entire morning routine could be perfectly set up and synchronized so that you can get up, get ready, grab a coffee and drive off without having to lay a finger on a button or a switch. Therein lies the power of smart home automation. Here are only some of the many home appliances you can get in both a smart and a regular version:


Smart Washers and Dryers

While modern-day laundry machines have been amazing since day one, smart washers and dryers are an awesome step up for those of you who really want to minimize the time it takes to get your clothes clean. Connect to a phone app in order to remotely control and monitor your wash and dry cycles so that you’re not hanging around for those last two minutes doing the equivalent of waiting for water to boil. You can even search up specific wash cycles so that you don’t have to guess what the little icons on your merino wool sweater tag actually mean. For those of you who are well on your way to having smart homes, why not set up your laundry cycles so that they only run during off-peak periods? While not all models can do it all, this is a taste of what your life could be with the right smart washer and dryer around.



Smart Refrigerators

Refrigerators come in a surprisingly large number of variants. Going beyond the different types of doors, choice of material, etc., smart refrigerators themselves also come packed with a variety of features depending on the make and model. Self-diagnosing technology is a pretty neat feature that’ll reduce the amount of time you spend scratching your head when something stops working as it should. Use your smartphone to receive error alerts, in addition to control features like ice making and overall temperature from wherever you are. Models that feature a smart cooling system are pretty cool too. Digital sensors ensure that your refrigerator keeps your food fresh for longer periods of time by auto-controlling conditions like humidity and temperature so you don’t have to think about it yourself.



Smart Microwaves

Just when you thought microwaves couldn’t get any better, they had to get smart. Smart microwaves are fairly new to the market, but some cool new features include voice control, Wi-Fi connectivity, and barcode scanning technology so that frozen food products can get cooked to perfection. Consider connecting your smart microwave to your phone so that you get push notifications whenever your food is done cooking or pause and restart the microwave with a voice command so that you don’t have to stop what you were doing to fiddle around with buttons.


Smart Range Hoods

Smart range hoods are an awesome investment given how key they are to keeping your home cool and odour-free. Since smart range hoods typically need to work in conjunction with a compatible cooking top, they’re particularly worth looking at if you want to put together a fully smart kitchen. Smart range hoods can come equipped with timers, filter change indicators, and auto-adjusting capabilities that sense grease and steam levels to modify the range’s functionality. Additionally, some models have a noise-reducing Perimeter Aspiration System (PAS), heat sensors, and more.


Smart Grills

While a grill isn’t necessarily something you’d find inside your home, it’s certainly the shining star of the backyard for many homeowners. It’s no surprise then that it too comes in a smart variant for the tech-savvy users out there. Smart grills are great because you can connect them to your phone and monitor your food without having to check on your food constantly. Some models even have self-regulating temperature controls so that your food is cooked to perfection every time. Whether you’re a charcoal lover or prefer the easy clean up a propane setup has to offer you, there’s a smart grill out there for everyone.




Clearly, smart appliances bring a whole new level of convenience and capability to everyone. They provide a dimension of functionality and convenience that is unprecedented. They’re a great addition to any home, and with so many cool new features coming out every season, it’s worth checking out the smart version of just about any appliance you’re looking into getting or upgrading. And if you’re on the hunt for a new smart kitchen appliance, you can start by checking out one of our appliance stores today!