ActiveSmart™ Foodcare

May 19, 2020

You sleepwalk through your mundane daily routine, all the while anticipating what to throw together for supper. You make a mental checklist of your trip to the Sunday local market where you scored some sun-warmed, fragrant strawberries. You stuck them in the back of the fridge as an after-thought. Suddenly you are inspired by dinner al fresco featuring a strawberry spinach salad with a balsamic drizzle paired with a warm, oven baked baguette with a pat of Irish butter. Casual elegance at its best.

Your commute home feels infinite. You sprint into your kitchen carrying that Riesling you knew would make the ingredients radiate… only to find a wilted scarlet pool, vaguely resembling those vibrant berries that were to be the star of the show. Your shoulders slump, you close the fridge door and call Uber Eats in defeat.

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart™ Foodcare

This technology was developed with the thought process to “control” the weather around your food. With the fridge being the most used door in your household, ActiveSmart™ effectively senses environmental conditions. The Humidity Control System creates the perfect microclimate in each produce bin, maintaining fruit and vegetable quality at just the right humidity and temperature level. Food stays fresher longer.

The ActiveSmart system consists of a microprocessor that controls how the fridge operates. Interior temperature sensors continuously send information to the microprocessor and this in turn adjusts the fans and multiple air vents that work independently throughout the fridge. The end result, cool air that is distributed evenly and efficiently – creating a stable temperature throughout the fridge and freezer. This technology chills new items to a safe temperature and quickly freezes food to retain moisture during defrost. This is the dictionary definition of Oz behind the curtain.

Continuous feedback means that ActiveSmart™ Foodcare adjusts to the way you live. Its ability to respond to daily use means that it only uses the energy needed to help keep your food fresher for longer. So the only thing that will be wilting for those anticipated dinners… will be your guests, overcome with envy that you purchased a Fisher & Paykel fridge featuring ActiveSmart technology.


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