Gaggenau - Hand making the TFT touch display 0

Apr 27, 2021

Discover how we make the Gaggenau difference. Striking design, the finest materials, skilled hands and where appropriate, the latest technology, is employed to create a very different luxury kitchen appliance.

Gaggenau craftsmanship: dedicated to excellence since 1683 0

Mar 9, 2021

The creation, conception and design of a Gaggenau appliance is a fusion of art and function Words Catherine McMaster

Since 1683, Gaggenau has elevated domestic appliances through its innovative and modern approach to engineering and design.


How to Build the Best Laundry Room 0

Mar 8, 2021

As a toddler... one of my favorite memories was when my mother and sister would bring in the laundry from the outside line - still warm and sun-kissed. They would spend the next little while folding, listening to Abba and Bobby Vinton and reminiscing about their own lives as I would immerse myself in a blanket heavy with the lovely bright smell of fabric softener mixed with summer scents of apple blossoms, lilacs and lily of the valley. They would then go to fold the sheet and would gather me in the middle of the warm bundle, rocking me back and forth until I was easily coerced into my afternoon nap. I knew from a wee small age that a laundry room does not need to be a utility space.


Star-Sapphire®: The Fastest* Dishwasher Available 0

Oct 28, 2020

So… you could just imagine my face as a Store Manager when we had our Thermador Account Representative come into the Appliance Canada Showroom to conduct a chemical experiment – you know the kind you endured during high school with the test tubes and plastic glasses. Well… perhaps I exaggerate a little but it certainly made me reminisce about Grade 11 Chemistry class and that boy I had a crush on.

Thermador Steam Ovens 0

Oct 28, 2020

Often preferred by professional chefs, steam ovens produce dishes with unmatched texture, appearance, and of course, taste. Steam provides heat without sacrificing moisture or flavor, so food turns out crisp on the outside and moist on the inside–even after reheating.