Star-Sapphire®: The Fastest* Dishwasher Available

Oct 28, 2020

So… you could just imagine my face as a Store Manager when we had our Thermador Account Representative come into the Appliance Canada Showroom to conduct a chemical experiment – you know the kind you endured during high school with the test tubes and plastic glasses. Well… perhaps I exaggerate a little but it certainly made me reminisce about Grade 11 Chemistry class and that boy I had a crush on.


I digress… back to the Rep. He poured water over volcanic ash mineral residue known as Zeolite. What happened next requires a full hypothesis and methodology. Well, not really… the water made the mineral heat up instantly with visible steam penetrating from the remains. Once cool… the mineral solidifies again, quickly cooled to the touch and back to it’s original state. His point and a conclusion that would work on any scientific experiment…

the technology works for a dishwasher.


Revolutionize your wash experience with Thermador Star-Sapphire® Dishwasher

including industry leading features like a 20-minute hot water cycle and the powerful StarDry™ with Zeolite™, providing the ultimate drying experience without the use of harsh chemicals.


Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral from volcanic ash. It has been used to clean nuclear spills like Chernobyl, so you get the picture about how powerful it really is. Zeolite is packed in the back of the dishwasher and is reputed to increase heat and absorb moisture to aid in the drying process.


Most dishwashers do not have a real dry cycle anymore, just JetDry and residual heat from the hot water wash. So wet dishes and plastics are a common issue. A 20-minute cycle with an effective dry would be the new far.


StarDry™ with Zeolite™, an exclusive Thermador drying solution that provides the most exceptional drying power in the world.


With StarDry™ with Zeolite™, the need to towel dry or air dry items is reduced, helping ensure that dishes emerge dry.

Star Speed® 



Thermador reinvents innovation by featuring the fastest hot water cycle in the industry. The Star Speed® cycle, exclusive to the Star-Sapphire® Dishwasher, is the fastest* in the industry at an unprecedented 20 minutes.


If these features are not innovative enough… every Star-Sapphire® Dishwasher comes armed with Push-to-Open options that allow easier unloading, even when your hands are full. They have smooth glide racks that minimize friction, noise and feel smooth so you can discretely fill the Dishwasher while entertaining. Easily load every culinary tool into the Star-Sapphire® Entertainer’s Drawer whether you’re placing delicate or hard-to-place utensils.

Perhaps the coolest feature is Star Glow – which illuminates the dishwasher in 6 sparkling levels of blue or white light, while providing the option of any interior light color. It’s like a disco ball in your very own kitchen… so when the door automatically pops open at the end of the cycle… you can be mesmerized by any colour that matches your mood. With Home Connect, you can even control those colours remotely.


Thermador dishwashers are for those who want to make every element of their kitchens - and their homes - exceptional. 



*Based on wash cycle times contained in major luxury brands’ manuals. Luxury brands defined as TraQline Price Bucket of greater than $1,301 August 2017.


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