How to Build the Best Laundry Room

Mar 8, 2021

As a toddler... one of my favourite memories was when my mother and sister would bring in the laundry from the outside line - still warm and sun-kissed. They would spend the next little while folding, listening to Abba and Bobby Vinton and reminiscing about their own lives as I would immerse myself in a blanket heavy with the lovely bright smell of fabric softener mixed with summer scents of apple blossoms, lilacs and lily of the valley. They would then go to fold the sheet and would gather me in the middle of the warm bundle, rocking me back and forth until I was easily coerced into my afternoon nap. I knew from a wee small age that a laundry room does not need to be a utility space.

A great laundry room should be a smartly designed space that lets you get laundry done hassle-free. While it would be ideal to have unlimited square footage to work with, sometimes you just have to get creative with your current space. By following a few easy and clever tips, you can make your laundry room both an aesthetically pleasing and functional space. Keep reading to find out how to make your laundry room work for you.

Make Use of Vertical Space With a Stackable Laundry set-up

Is your laundry room smaller? You can still get a lot done in it with a stacked laundry set-up. Not only do they save plenty of space, they’re also more energy efficient. When installing, keep in mind to alway stack your dryer on top as they’re lighter. Washing machines are heavy, and when they’re filled with water, they tend to vibrate more and could create a hazard. If searching for a larger design, the LG wash tower has innovation that allows you to reach the console without using a step stool. You can also look for 24” luxury washer and dryermodels to accommodate smaller spaces.

24" Blomberg appliances


Install a Hanging Rod to Dry Your Clothes

Drying racks are practical, but they can get in the way and take up floor space. To maximize the space in your laundry room, consider installing a rod to hang and dry clothes. The rod can be suspended from your ceiling or installed between two cabinets. This practical addition makes use of unused space without being obstructive. While consumers could go with drying racks or rods, it’s worthwhile to note that many newer appliances have settings that accommodate delicate materials. Keep Everything in One Place With a Storage Peg Wall

Even when you try to be as organized as possible, sometimes items still get shuffled around in your laundry room. A storage peg wall solves that problem – you can keep appliances and essentials neatly organized on a peg wall. By placing storage baskets on the peg wall, commonly used items like clothes pins and wool dryer balls are always easily accessible. Separate Your Clothes With Laundry Bags Don’t ruin another crisp white shirt because of an accidental mix-up of colours when doing your laundry. By setting up separate laundry bags with clear labels, you can avoid these mishaps for good.

Sort and separate your light, dark and delicate items with individual and labelled laundry bags. They could simply be placed on the ground or hang off of hooks on your wall.


Maximize the Space Between Your Luxury Washer and Dryer


A slim pull-out storage cart that fits in between your luxury washer and dryer can store more than you might think. These types of carts usually have at least three tiers of shelves so you can store frequently used items like detergent, soap and cleaning supplies no problem. Look for a cart that has wheels so that you can pull it out easily and push it back in place when it’s not in use. Since they’re slim and portable, these carts can also be placed elsewhere in your laundry room if you ever decide to change the layout.


Eliminate Visual Clutter


If you’re not a fan of having plastic jugs of laundry detergent scattered about, then using glass dispensers could be a great option. With glass dispensers, you can label them and immediately see when you need to refill them. They also look more polished and can fit into just about any laundry room design. If you’re using liquid detergent, be sure to dilute it a little bit so that it flows properly through the spigot. There are also laundry appliances that have soap dispensers built in internally, so this would help avoid messy bottles.

Keep Your Essentials Within Arm’s Reach


With an over-the-door storage organizer, everything you need is always within reach. This tip is especially useful for smaller laundry rooms. These organizers may have several individual pockets or a few large pockets. There’s no need to worry about hardware or installation – all you have to do is hang it over your door.


A thoughtfully designed laundry room lets you get chores done comfortably and efficiently. Adding the right elements– like extra storage or organization options – keep this space tidy and easy to navigate at all times. Take a look at our selection of washers and dryers to get started on designing your ideal laundry room.


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