Downdraft Hoods 0

Sep 19, 2020

A hood fan is the most underrated item in the kitchen. It single-handedly removes grease and odours from the air. Unfortunately, with all the good intentions that this appliance has – it is usually unsightly. Due to the size of traditional hoods, most designers are challenged in determining ways to incorporate the hood design or disguise it. However, most recent innovations have made this merchandise nearly invisible with different integrated options.

Steam Ovens Rise in Popularity 0

Sep 11, 2020

The age of COVID has done nothing to compliment the waistline. With all that time at home – the distance from the refrigerator is nothing but convenient. Now that you are preparing your kids to go back to school and the summer is officially over – you may be considering ways to implement healthy eating back into your lifestyle.


Get to know Fulgor Milano 0

Sep 3, 2020

Fulgor Milano values the quality of their products. A common thread runs through the story of Fulgor Milano that is closely tied to the history of a family with deep roots in the fabric of the Veneto region of Italy. The story begins when an enlightened entrepreneur embarked upon an ambitious journey of applying his artisanal skills to the production of tools and components for appliances.

24" Appliances and the Condo Market 0

Aug 26, 2020

Recently, there exists an influx in the condominium market within the Toronto area. High housing prices are making condominiums a more attractive option for younger families. Condominiums provide several features that are appealing to both young and old such as on-site gyms, pools, games rooms and libraries. The caveat for this lifestyle is a need to maximize space while maintaining a highly functional design.



Appliances to Colour Your World 0

Aug 18, 2020

The old-adage states that people eat with their eyes. Eye candy is about to level up.


ActiveSmart™ Foodcare 0

May 19, 2020

You sleepwalk through your mundane daily routine, all the while anticipating what to throw together for supper. You make a mental checklist of your trip to the Sunday local market where you scored some sun-warmed, fragrant strawberries. You stuck them in the back of the fridge as an after-thought. Suddenly you are inspired by dinner al fresco featuring a strawberry spinach salad with a balsamic drizzle paired with a warm, oven baked baguette with a pat of Irish butter. Casual elegance at its best.