24" Appliances and the Condo Market

Aug 26, 2020

Recently, there exists an influx in the condominium market within the Toronto area. High housing prices are making condominiums a more attractive option for younger families. Condominiums provide several features that are appealing to both young and old such as on-site gyms, pools, games rooms and libraries. The caveat for this lifestyle is a need to maximize space while maintaining a highly functional design.

Appliance Canada provides several solutions. Take as an example, our most popular 24" laundry pair from Blomberg. The washer and dryer are compact but do not compromise on features. The pair come with a free stacking kit to allow you to put it into a closet or to save space in the existing design. This is a vented dryer option. Keep in mind your options for the dryer as you may require ventless/condensation.


Blomberg knows an upscale urban lifestyle often puts space at a premium, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing style or superior performance. Our 24-inch compact washers and dryers fit in perfectly, offering flexibility and freedom in installation (including a stacking kit), plus all the functionality and finesse required for expert clothing care. Despite their compact size, this washer deftly handles 1.95 cu. ft. of laundry while the dryer dries 3.7 cu. ft. loads—both with a variety of cycles for different fabrics.

The additional option to stack the set allows for supplementary space. Laundry is only the tip of the iceberg, several other options exist in the kitchen as well.


Smeg allows for you to keep your personality while maintaining the size and the features that you need. SMEG's complete range of aesthetically-refined built-in ovens and fridges have evolved through serious research, offering peak performance across a range of functions, and guaranteeing maximum flexibility of use, and maximum safety. Truly unique appliances which perfectly combine different materials, such as stainless steel, glass, and enamel.  SMEG ovens vary in terms of size, function, and cooking modes.


SMEG has developed products with the consumer in mind: easy to use and easy to maintain ovens that guarantee professional performance even for less-experienced chefs.


Smeg 24" retro options allow you to play with pretty pastels, vibrant candy lacquer tones or stay neutral with stainless steel options like this range. You don't need to compromise your creative impulse because you are challenged on space.

Bosch is also a forerunner in this market. Bosch 24" cooktops are available in gas or electric. Our Gas Cooktop includes an 11,500 BTU burner and stainless steel knobs for a premium look and feel. The Electric Cooktop offers the flexibility of four burners of varying size and power, all with a sleek, frameless design. Their 24” small space refrigerators bring a premium feel without sacrificing on quality while their 24" electric wall oven features 10 cooking modes and two levels of broiling. The eco-friendly DualClean® system uses a catalytic coating and heat to clean the oven during the cooking process. Designed to install flush with your cabinetry, our wall ovens fit right into any space and style.

Whether you’re a city dweller living in an urban condo, adding on a secondary kitchen, or looking to downsize, rest assured that when it comes to Major Appliances, you will benefit from these latest innovations that Appliance Canada has to offer.

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