Get to know Fulgor Milano

Sep 3, 2020

Fulgor Milano, the professional Italian brand for your kitchen




Fulgor Milano values the quality of their products. A common thread runs through the story of Fulgor Milano that is closely tied to the history of a family with deep roots in the fabric of the Veneto region of Italy. The story begins when an enlightened entrepreneur embarked upon an ambitious journey of applying his artisanal skills to the production of tools and components for appliances.


A passion for quality, contemporary design and the Italian way of life inspire us to continually improve and develop in the area of innovation. Although Fulgor Milano has had a history of manufacturing cooking equipment since the late '40s, it became their goal to build on that heritage and develop cooking equipment that would exceed all expectations of quality, performance, and styling.

Design, power, taste, uniqueness.

These are the principles which are based on all our products. Fulgor Milano brings modern technologies to your kitchen to allow you to achieve the best cooking experience. Admire our products and make their beauty, durability, and functionality your own!

Professional lines feature the most efficient and powerful appliances, they will show you how their design and technology can change your kitchen.

Professional Line





Sofia is a solid, generously sized freestanding range. It represents the beauty and sophistication of Italy.

Sofia embodies a contemporary design that is unique and powerful, which can inspire you to prepare dishes worthy of admiration.

Total control and delicate power. Professionally crafted.


Every aspect of these products is designed to reflect the elegance and uniqueness of the Italian style.


They will captivate the most discerning chef with nuanced features that are traditional yet innovative.



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