Bosch Dishwasher Technology

Aug 22, 2020

Bosch has two new forms of technology that they've unveiled within the past year.

AutoAir™ Opens the Door to Let Fresh Air Circulate for 40% Drier Dishes.*

Midrange Bosch dishwashers have a feature called AutoAir. This is a feature that many manufacturers have implemented as of late. AutoAir cracks the door of your dishwasher open when the cycle completes. This allows the steam to escape and your dishes to air dry. You may be curious if the steam would damage your counter - however, it has a built-in Steam Guard that protects it from being damaged.


With their high-end models... they've elevated them to the next level.


CrystalDry™ - Transforming Moisture Into Heat To Dry Dishes, Including Plastics


CrystalDry™ heats the moisture in the dishwasher after a run to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot air is then circulated gently to heat away the water remaining on the dishes. See more about this feature in the video below.

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