Gaggenau - Hand making the TFT touch display

Apr 27, 2021

Behind the scenes

Discover how we make the Gaggenau difference. Striking design, the finest materials, skilled hands and where appropriate, the latest technology, is employed to create a very different luxury kitchen appliance.

Amidst the almost timeless production line of skilled craftspeople workbenches and hand tools, there exists a futuristic oasis. The clean room. This is where a very few build each TFT touch display complete with trademark stainless steel rotary knobs.

The assembly of the control modules emphasize precision and the avoidance of errors.


Every individual module goes through our hands and is carefully scrutinized.

Before entering the cleanroom, Workers have to put on protective clothing. This is extremely important and is also a required procedure. They need a special lab coat, gloves and special shoes -- clothing that does not permit electrostatic discharge. In this way, we ensure that the very sensitive electronic parts aren't damaged. This ensures that no particles get into the cleanroom.

We turn out top quality product with absolute precision.
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