Fisher & Paykel Wine Cabinets

Jul 27, 2020



There is no better exemplar of the way perfect storage conditions bring out the finer characteristics of a product than with wine.


Wine inherently does not want to survive. From the moment it is filled in the bottle, wine is in a permanent state of degradation, and how that wine degrades – or ages – is what makes an incredible and historical experience.

Wine is challenged by light, temperature, humidity, and agitation. It is the combination of these factors that creates characteristics in wine that either promote or detract from the true representation of the estate.




Wine is an investment – in time, in knowledge, and in a collection that will continue to develop and improve with the years.


We have partnered with master Sommeliers and wine makers to gain a deep understanding of the perfect conditions for aging wines of every vintage and varietal, applying decades of expertise in refrigeration to create our luxury wine cabinets.


Combined with Column refrigerators and freezers, this is the ultimate kitchen solution to showcase your finest bottles.

The Perfect Fit

Customize your Integrated Column Wine Cabinet with a door panel that matches your kitchen cabinetry, or purchase our stainless steel door panel accessory. You can also choose your preferred handle style, opt for left or right hinge, as well as mix and match with other Integrated Column Refrigerator and Freezer models.


Precise Temperature Control

Four specially developed wine modes provide optimal temperatures for serving and cellaring different types of wine. Red, White, Sparkling and Cellar modes ensure that each bottle gets the care it needs to be enjoyed at its best. You can also adjust manually in 1°F increments between 43-64°F.

Perfect Results

Optimal Wine Care

To provide the optimal storage environment for your collection, your Integrated Column Wine Cabinet has been engineered to maintain a consistent temperature throughout both zones. An activated carbon filter in each compartment clears the air of pollutants to ensure your wine is perfectly cared for.


Vibration can dull flavor and cause other unwanted issues in wine. With a quiet, low vibration compressor, full-extension slides with white oak shelving, and other strategically chosen absorptive materials, the Integrated Column Wine Cabinet carefully maintains the flavor profile of every drop.


Beautiful to Use

Customizable Lighting

The tinted glass door effectively filters out UV light, allowing your wine to mature at its natural pace. LED lighting provides four beautiful illumination options to showcase the jewels of your collection, from a candlelit ambiance to a brilliant display lighting. Display mode automates the lighting cycle to show off your collection on special occasions.


Curate Your Collection

Showcase your collection with accessories for our Integrated Column Wine Cabinet. Independent cradles can be adjusted to create your ideal display angle, while a water-based pencil and aluminum labels offer a stylish way to catalog your wine.


Integrated Style

Create a wine collector’s ultimate kitchen with a panel ready Column Wine Cabinet that seamlessly integrates into your kitchen design.

With minimal installation gaps to match your cabinetry, integrated style Wine Columns offer the freedom to blend seamlessly with the surrounding kitchen materiality, or contrast with stainless steel panels and handles.


Integrated Column Wine Cabinet, 24"

A generous 91 bottle capacity, with optional display capability for your favorite bottles

Two independent Variable Temperature Zones, each with four wine modes to create the best environment for any varietal.


Pair with Integrated Column Refrigerators and Freezers or install separately to suit your kitchen design.


Customize with your own cabinetry, or purchase our stainless steel door panel. Designed to fit flush, with minimal ⅛” gaps.


Contemporary Style

Combine stainless steel Wine Columns with Contemporary style handles to create wine cabinets that beautifully match other Contemporary appliances.


Professional Style

Match your wine cabinet to Professional style appliances by pairing the robust stainless steel Wine Column with the bold and purposeful Professional style handle design.


Whatever your style, Fisher & Paykel has the ultimate storage solution for your wine collection.

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