Preparing for a Hassle-Free Holiday Dinner

Oct 2, 2020

Give Up Dinner Hassles Cold Turkey


Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be a big responsibility. Between grandma’s non-stop cooking questions, your uncle’s loud stories and your slightly-too-comfortable neighbour’s unexpected drop-in, there’s definitely a lot going on. But just because it’s a big responsibility doesn’t mean it should be a stressful one. With a little bit of time management and the right kitchen appliances, your Thanksgiving dinner can be enjoyable and hassle-free. Below, we’ll give you some examples of the best types of appliances to get you through the entire hosting process, from meal-prep to clean-up.

Get Cooking


The turkey is often an integral part of Thanksgiving dinner. It can be a time-consuming and

somewhat stressful meal to put together, especially if you’re feeding a big crew. You definitely

don’t want a Clark Griswold situation on your hands. Luckily, there are some great high-end appliances out there that can help you out with the heavy lifting.


A built-in convection wall oven could be a great addition to any host’s kitchen. It keeps an

active eye on your food by alerting you when it has reached the peak of perfection. Some

even have a “Perfect Turkey Button.” What more could a host ask for?


Convection steam ovens are another great option. Some feature unique digital technology

that senses the amount and size of the food, and automatically adjusts all the details of

cooking. Golden roast turkeys are just one of the many amazing meals you could make!

Of course, the actual Thanksgiving dinner is only half the fun. One of the benefits of hosting

is that you get to enjoy the leftovers. So in the days that follow Thanksgiving, you’re going

to want to make sure you’ve got a solid microwave for making hot turkey sandwiches.


Keep Your Cool


Of course Thanksgiving isn’t just about the food. What about the drinks? From juice for the kids to wine for the adults, a good host is going to need some good drink storage options.


Truly sophisticated hosts may want to consider adding a good wine cabinet to their

repertoire. There are a few factors to think about when picking out the right wine cabinet.

  • In terms of style, you’ll want a wine cabinet that works well with your decor. This will help you choose between a contemporary, modern looking model or a more classic, period-piece style wine cabinet.

  • Make sure you know the size and bottle capacity. If you’re the type to host bigger holiday dinners where the wine is constantly flowing, you’ll want to go with a larger cabinet.

  • Understand the temperature controls of the wine cabinet you choose. When you bring out those pristine vintage bottles, you and your guests will know they’ve been kept fresh. Even if your cousin spills it all over the table.

  • Know what the function of your wine cabinet will be. From maturing wines for long periods of time, to keeping them stored for shorter lengths, different wine cabinets will be better suited for different functions.

The young ones are perhaps a little easier to please, but even they don’t want warm drinks!

A separate mini fridge could be a great option for storing juice boxes and other drinks for

the kids table.


The aforementioned leftovers are also going to need some storing once you’ve completed

your hosting duties. A great refrigerator or freezer is an absolute must for getting the most

out of your hard-earned Thanksgiving leftovers.


Good, Clean Fun


So you successfully hosted Thanksgiving. The turkey and wine was a huge success and there were only a few spills and arguments! But even after everyone has finally gone home or passed out from tryptophan, there’s still a little more to be done.


Hosting Thanksgiving can be a messy, messy job. But it’s nothing a good dishwasher won’t

be able to handle. Dishwashers with CrystalDry Technology by Bosch are some of the best

options out there. Transforming moisture into heat, CrystalDry technology can get your

dishes 60% dryer - including plastics. You worked hard all evening cooking and serving

your guests, so now it’s time for you to sit back and let your dishwasher take over some of

the cleaning duties. You’ve earned it.


It’s not just the dishes that get messy during Thanksgiving dinner, but the guests

themselves too! A few spills are inevitable and they shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Wine stains on dress shirts and cranberry sauce on khakis are no match for a hard-working

washing machine. Make sure you’ve got one on hand!



You did it! You cooked up a storm, fed your guests and everything is neatly cleaned up with the help of a few trusty, high-end appliances. Only 364 days until next Thanksgiving.

If you’re looking for some great help with your hosting duties, be sure to check out our extensive collection of high-end appliances.


Happy Thanksgiving from our Appliance Canada family to yours! :)

SInce 1983, we appreciate your loyalty!

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