Planning for your next major appliance purchase!

Mar 28, 2020

Have a big renovation or new build project? Let us help.

A major appliance investment is not an easy one to make, especially when you consider the following:

  • Cost of the merchandise and knowing your budget

  • Investment in picking a trustworthy Company, Consultant and Brand

  • Time required to choose the item and be home for the delivery/installation

  • Ease of use/understanding how it operates once you have the product in your home

  • Input from a significant other that will be using the merchandise


When you consider these factors, it becomes even more important to make the right decision the first time to avoid disappointment down the line.  Here are some common reasons for returns and ways to prevent them.


Size Matters

One of the most prevalent reasons for a Major Appliance return is that the merchandise does not fit the intended location.  It is easy to correct this by coming prepared with the measurements of the entire path of the merchandise from “door to the floor”.  It is important to consider the removal of railings and door frames in certain situations when the merchandise requires that extra inch or so to get through the space.  Know that in these circumstances, it is generally within your best interest to have these removed prior to delivery.  These details are typically not a part of the contract for the drivers and it avoids unnecessary damage to your home.  Finally, consider some online design sites that allow you to factor in how the size of these pieces will optimize or hinder the living space.


Consider the Intended User

Appliances today boast the latest technology.  If you are intending to make a purchase for someone who is not technologically sound, consider going with more basic features.  If you have children, do you want the open burner or a convection stovetop?   Speaking of children… perhaps an investment in our new black stainless fingerprint resistant appliances may be in order.   If your items are not user-friendly, then the appeal will run short.   Ask yourself is this the right appliance for the job and scale down the rest.  Your Sales Consultant is able to do a dry run of how to work the merchandise if you are able to visit an Appliance Canada location.  Alternatively, if you order online….


Do Your Research

Read reviews and manuals prior to making your purchase.  Many of the companies now have manuals on their website.  In addition, other consumers often take the time to relate their real-life experiences with the product.  Take the time to review these critiques and consider how they relate to your own needs.  Already made a purchase through Appliance Canada?  Feel free to leave a product review on our site to help others.  Good or bad, reviews on products that offer informed and balanced critiques benefit everyone.


Bring Your Partner

Remember the old adage, “Happy Wife… Happy Life!”  Ensure that you make an informed buying decision with the insight of your partner or any other individuals that will be using the products.  Impulse buying decisions without a significant other’s input rarely results in a happy household.


If all of this seems overwhelming, then know that you could book a personalized appointment at Appliance Canada with our Professional Consultants that will assist you in making an informed buying decision. 


Let us help make your next Major Appliance investment a sound one.

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