Sous Vide Cooking

May 2, 2020

You've been there - at one of those dinner parties where the home chef has taken the time and effort to serve up some of the best food that you have ever tasted. The meat - cooked to perfection, carmelized, and a melt in your mouth texture that is simply divine. Or, that lemon and herb chicken that is so vibrant that your palette still occasionally recalls the subtle mix of acid and spice. You ask the hostess how she was able to pull off these meals that easily could be served in any 3 star restaurant. She gestures over to their new Signature Suite range that they just purchased from Appliance Canada with an integrated capacity for sous vide cooking.


"Sous vide", she warns, "is a process of cooking meant for those willing to invest the time and effort. But boy.... is it worth it!"


Sous Vide is a French term that refers to “under vacuum”. Basically, it is the process of cooking food that is sealed in an airtight container, usually within a vacuum sealed bag. It is then submerged into temperature-controlled water.


The key to sous vide is keeping the temperature controlled – no high or low temperatures. This keeps the food cooked in a graduated process. Granted, this is a longer process of cooking food – but the end result is protein that is cooked to perfection. The hot water consistently circulates around the meat – similar to a convection process, bathing it in an even process. You may require a quick sear after the sous vide process in order to carmelize the meat… but be careful not to cook the meat any longer than needed to get the char that you seek.

Ensure you use safe, high quality plastic bags and refrain from using any that contain harmful pesticides like polyvinyl chloride or polyvinylidene chloride.


This process is not just for meat…take a moment to see how to make the perfect egg on the Signature Kitchen Suite website.

Having a built in immersion circulator can definitely come in handy for this process… enter the Signature Kitchen Suite line that is new to Appliance Canada.

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