Thermador Freedom Induction

Oct 28, 2020

The popularity of Induction cooktops are on the rise. The power and precision of the technology comes from an electromagnetic field below the glass cooktop surface that transfers current directly to magnetic cookware, causing it to heat up. Essentially, induction cuts out the intermediate step of heating up a burner and then transferring the heat to the pot. The pots you use on induction cooking must be magnetic to be able to properly conduct the heat. Induction cooking is much safer than gas and electric cooking – it is the safest and most efficient cooking method. It is faster, easier to control, more precise, more responsive, and needs less venting.

Most induction cooktops require specific "elements" to conduct the heat…

You are not limited in surface space any longer

Thermador features innovative design with the Freedom® Thermador induction cooktop. Unlike most other induction cooktops, the entire surface can be utilized and may accommodate as many as six pots placed anywhere on it. This makes this model the largest single cooking surface in the cooktop industry. The entire cooktop can be used as one large cooking area. Pots can be heated simultaneously in any position and controlled using a full color touch screen.


Wi-Fi connectivity allows the cooktop and matching hood to communicate with one another. This could synchronize turning on task lighting and ventilation.


Thanks to the responsive heat control, the MyZone feature enables you to increase the temperature level by merely moving your pan across the cooking zone. This makes the Freedom Induction Cooktop perfect for cooking procedures requiring multiple heat levels. Inductor elements combine with the pot detection feature to recognize shapes and sizes of cookware. The Pot detection feature detects all the pots placed on the surface and heats the area under them and tracks pot movement and recognizes pot shapes. So, you could put a pan on the cooktop (alongside other pots) and the burner will track all possible movements of the pan across the surface.


With all induction cooking, heat is only transferred when a pot is placed on the surface. Only that part of the surface gets hot during the cooking process. The surface of the burner cools down extremely quickly once the pot is removed from that area. It features a Sapphire Glow LED surface light that indicates when the burner is at extreme temperature levels and also shows the level of residual heat on the surface. It also features several safety locks: Key Lock, Childproof lock, Pan recognition, Pause function, Safety time-switch-off and power management function.


Silver mirrored finishes create a stunning and unique design statement for the contemporary kitchen design. You could choose a framed or frameless design. It truly is a stunning piece that will transform the kitchen into a conversation piece.


Experience the exceptional with a Freedom® Induction cooktop. 


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