Thermador Home Connect

Oct 28, 2020

Welcome to a world where recipes abound, adventure awaits, and innovation moves you forward. Enabled in every product category, Home Connect is your portal to more exceptional culinary experiences with exclusive tips, recipes, and remote controls—all through your mobile device.



You have just opened up Pandora’s box. The Home Connect™ app allows you to venture far beyond controlling your WIFI kitchen appliances from your mobile device. Enabled in every product category, Home Connect™ is your portal to more exceptional culinary experiences. Explore the possibilities across two newly redesigned Collections: Masterpiece® and Professional.


Your commute to and from work has now been remedied of the incessant worries like, “Did I leave the oven on?” “Did the kids leave the fridge door open when they took out their lunches?” Home Connect innovation from Thermador allows you to monitor the internal temperature of your refrigerator or confirm your oven is off. Peace of mind that will prevent food from spoiling, or, prevent a fire hazard from taking place. If you stop at the Grocery store on your way back from work and you are stuck in traffic, easily preheat your oven from the car so that you will be ready to begin cooking once you arrive home. You could even turn on your hood remotely so that it will be at optimum efficiency by the time you begin cooking. This app has several automations that will simply make your life easier.





Impress your guests by using their culinary content developed by select partners including Food & Wine and ButcherBox. With hundreds of new pieces of content, you could elevate your game by perfecting the sear on that steak, or finding the perfect wine pairing. The possibilities are endless. Send recipe instructions remotely to your oven or induction cooktop. You could even set the mood by dimming the hood lighting or customize the interior illuminations of your Star Sapphire ® dishwasher. Conclude your dinner party by having guest pick their coffee drink of choice directly on the app. No more having to remember drink orders or customizing these drinks to the user’s taste. Simply set it and forget it!


Allow Thermador to run diagnostics remotely when you are in need of assistance or support. The app will notify you if maintenance is required or if you need to change a filter. Now that’s handy. If an appliance isn’t working to it’s full capacity, you will be notified – giving you the ability to prevent costly repairs and save on utility bills. 

Thermador Connect Experience

Works with an ever increasing network of partners including Amazon, Alexa, Nest and more.

Experience the exceptional with Home Connect.


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